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Tacoma Link Light Rail Line

Tacoma Link map

Part of the voter-approved plan for building a regional transit system in the Seattle/Tacoma/Everett area is the Link short light rail/trolley line in downtown Tacoma. This line connects the Tacoma Dome multimodal station with the downtown core and several attractions, such as the University of Washington, new Convention Center and theaters such as the Pantages.

It has been argued that this line is a bad idea as, unlike say downtown Seattle, there is just not much in downtown Tacoma. However, I see this as something that will drive new construction and allows access to projects already completed. For example, the train passes by the new convention center, and it would be possible to take a train from there to the Tacoma Dome station where one could hop a bus or Sounder train to Seattle. Or students in Seattle could take the Sounder to classes at the ever growing University of Washington Tacoma. Or you could park downtown and go to the Tacoma Dome station, then walk the couple of blocks to the dome, or vice versa.

I grew up in Tacoma and loved it. For many years I lived in the Redmond area, when I started this site, but I am now in Fife, just a couple miles from the Tacoma Dome station. I started this site to document the construction of this new line as there seemed to be little information or pictures on the project outside of what was on the official site. After seeing the value and uses of this line over the past few years I am continuing this site to cover the line and provide information on the best ways to best utilize it.

Sign for the Tacoma Dome multimodal station

Interesting Facts:

  • Tacoma used to have an extensive trolley and cable car system removed in the 1940's to be replaced by buses
  • Freighthouse Square used to be a warehouse for the Milwaukee Road

Map: © Sound Transit
Image: © Ben Brooks